Seeking Help Still Exceedingly Difficult -the Glenn Enquiry

The_Peoples_ReportThe Glenn Inquiry has  just competed its report    which totally conflicts with Transparency Internationals findings   of New Zealand’s  judiciary and  Public sector.

In contrast the Glen  report exposes the  alarming dysfunction in the Family Court which is known to all who use it but  concealed by those who administer it.

This extends to scathing accounts of unprofessional behaviour and poor or sloppy communication and record keeping in courts generally. But mostly the criticism falls
on judges, lawyers and psychologists in the Family Court, which they paint as a hostile environment.

The family court is concealed from  the public  eye by its  confidential nature   and  secretive   decisions.

Those who seek help or get out tell of poorly resourced services and a lack of knowledge and training among key institutions, professionals and agencies, despite pockets of excellence.

In all it makes good reading

The People’s Report

Overview – The People’s Report (PDF, 130KB)

Chairman’s Foreword, Acknowledgement, Preface, Executive Summary, Introduction – The People’s Report (PDF, 550KB)

Section 1 – Honouring their stories, their lives – The People’s Report (PDF, 370KB)

Section 2 – What’s working well – The People’s Report (PDF, 300KB)

Section 3 – What’s not working well – The People’s Report (PDF, 412KB)

Section 4 – Doing things differently, ideas for change – The People’s Report (PDF, 453KB)

Section 5 – Taking Action – The People’s Report (PDF, 313KB)

Section 6 – Appendices (PDF, 186KB)

The People’s Report – the full document (PDF, 1.61MB)

FAQs – The People’s Report (PDF, 139KB)