Rogue parking companies .. what to do

Headlines in today’s paper Shoppers’ fury at private parking warden’s aggressive clamping in West Auckland

The company involved ELITE PARKING SERVICES LIMITED is part owned by the bankrupt Gordon Harold WARD see details below

it appears that he has  a long history of being involved in  parking   see Wheel clamping company issues penalty of $450

South Auckland wheel clamping called ‘threatening’ and ‘over the top’

West Aucklanders clamped while using car park ‘legitimately’

Wheel clamp ‘bullies’ in liquidation – NZ Herald

Clamped and fined $200 after parking two minutes

Shoppers warned to beware of fine print after clamping complaints 


there is  a very easy solution  .  Unless the owners of the property have given consent for their car park to be patrolled and monitored   then there is no delegated authority and no one can make a demand of you

The parking company representative has to show   delegated authority from a real  or legal person  who owns the land  and unless he does so  he cannot  enforce any ” contract “for  land which is not his .

Also no sign is valid  as  contracting  has to follow the constitution of the company and so often as is the case above  there is no identifiable person who is claiming  that a contract exists .  the fact that these companies use the car park means that it has been made open to the public .

How many times have you gone to a shop  and found they don’t have what you want , well  if that happens you won’t have a  receipt .

We then come to the trespass act   and it is our opinion that at best you can be warned for trespass   that in itself will stop you from ever shopping there again .

The simplest action is for  a boycott of the shops who  support this type of enforcement .

There is no obligation on you to prove anything to any one who has no  proof of his/her  right to make demands of you. it has nothing to do with uniforms,  it has everything to do with delegated authority.

If you are shown delegated authority  get your phone out take a photo of it and of the person presenting it  .

you can then dispute the  matter in the disputes tribunal and or lay a complaint with the police for extortion standover tactics ( but they probably wont take the complaint despite the fact that is really is extortion  )  .

Remember  there is no obligation  for any one to say who the driver is   the law only provides for this information to be passed by the owner to the police of council  enforcement  , not private  companies who are  enforcing a civil contract.

As it stands now  all you need is a sign  , an outfit that looks like a uniform , a note pad and a wheel clamp any you are in business  supported with nothing but BS


Bankruptcy details WARD, Gordon Harold Leslie

Estate Details
Insolvency Type   Adjudicated bankrupt on debtor’s application under S.47
Estate Number   874234
Name   WARD, Gordon Harold Leslie
Month & Year of Birth   April 1963
Supplied Address   13 Church Road, Mangere Bridge, Auckland, New Zealand
Insolvency Status   Current Bankrupt
Adjudication Date/Time   15-Jul-2015 12:18
Court   Auckland High Court
Occupation at Adjudication   Client Service Representative
Multiple Insolvencies   No
Petition Type   Debtor Petition
Office for Enquiries   Auckland
Case Officer   Please contact Insolvency Office
Email Officer

Parking Enforcement Services

For several years  we have run this web site  to  update people on the international scam that has been operating  in a car park near you .

We have provided  this service free of charge  and we have tried to be helpful we have asked for nothing in return  but it appears that there is no cure for  stupidity and ignorance.

We have of late been inundated with phone calls  from people who cannot read   to make it easy    please  refer to  the points below  and do not ring us , if you have paid a fine   we  have not received it  it is not us Read Parking Enforcement Services

to do

  1. remove  the ownership details from the car registry
  2. read.Parking Enforcement Services FAQ
  3. READ Your Parking Enforcement Service Ticket- what to do
  4. Read Parking Enforcement Services
  5. Not Pay the  ticket
  6. do not admit to anything
  7. Do  not ring us 
  8. send  letter .. yes you can email it  the clue is in  2 and 3 above
  9. If you are grateful for this information  make a donation

Sample letter

Dear Parking Enforcement Services.

You do not exist

You have not entered into a contract with  me

I have no legal obligation to you  and you cannot make a demand for  money from me

I deny your claim

If you insist that there is a claim please provide  all evidence in a sworn affidavit  including

  1. your contract with the owner of the property involved.
  2. the  full affidavit  of the person issuing the ticket giving the circumstances  etc of your claim  including time date place  and   photographic evidence

I the owner of the vehicle have no legal  obligation to tell you who the driver was , but   when you provide full evidence of any  rightful contract with  the driver  I will asses the  situation.

Until these  details are provided I dispute  your claim .

Your name here

now  watch this    its too true