There are many tools available   for fighting injustice   please let us know  if you have  links to share and we will put them up if they are appropriate.

We will also be collating case law  and templates   if you have any  relevant case law to  your matter   please forward this to us   so that it can form part of  our   resources .

We are a voluntary not for profit organisation  your donation and support will assist greatly

legislation :

High Court Rules 

District Courts Rules

Family Court Rules

Case law

New Zealand Legal Information Institute  : New Zealand case law note that there is  only a limited number of cases here many are available only by subscription to  Brookers or Lexus nexus  and fromthe law library.  e are also colating   ase law  and any case law which comes your way  as an electronic copy would be  happily received.
Judicial Decisions Online  :a searchable database of judgments and decisions sourced from New Zealand Courts.The purpose of Judicial Decisions Online is to make a greater number of New Zealand’s Higher Courts’ judicial decisions and the reasoning behind them, available to the public as efficiently and widely as possible.

Courts of New Zealand – Decisions of Public Interest

Employment Court (See Judgments of the Court)

Environment Court (Legislation And Resources)



Law commission publications 

These publications provide  information  on  anything  from  evidence to  trusts


Complaints re lawyers

Search Register of Lawyers

Rules of conduct and client care for lawyers

New Zealand Law Society Complaints Service

Legal Complaints Review Officer

Lawyers and Conveyancers Disciplinary Tribunal

Supporting web sites and Blogs

Verisure Investigations Limited – provides case law,  finds  evidence  and  provides lay litigant support

The New Zealand justice forum  :The New Zealand Justice Forum aims to pool the collective experiences of our citizens, lawyers, and academics in order to discuss the many defects that weaken the integrity of the legal system.

Kiwis First : news  site  highlighting issues with New Zealand justice  includes New Zealand Judge files

Domestic fraud; when its not love its money  includes  backgrounds on many district court judges

Transparency New Zealand  : the real state of  corruption in New Zealand.. we are not the least corrupt we just hide it better .

Anticorruption New Zealand :petition for an independent commission against corruption Please down load a copy of the petition

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