Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions of Parking Enforcement Services Limited

Parking Enforcement Services limited ( the legal entity ) does not issue tickets for parking and will never make a demand off any member of the public in associating with vehicle incidents

Any one using our legal name does so without our consent and to use our legal name without our consent will incur the following costs

Any sign which purports to be erected in the name our our company will incur a fee of $1,000

Any perception created that terms and conditions of parking are issued by our legal entity will incur a fee of $3,000

Any demand sent in our name will incur a fee of $1,000 per demand

Court action which results in our company being served with court documents due to any entity passing itself off as our company will incur an administration fee of $5,000

By making any claim which causes any one to confuse us with any other entity legal or fictional shall be sufficient evidence of passing off and the legal entity associated with the fiction will be responsible for the costs

Please note :We have not granted consent to any one to trade on our legally incorporated name .