The Judiciary

886836-001New Zealand judges do not have an enforceable code of conduct . they have a set of GUIDELINES FOR JUDICIAL CONDUCT

These were  updated in April  2013  and now  have reference to the Bangalore principles .

The concern we have  is that both lawyers and Judges  do not  take the conflicts of inertness seriously  and we frequently hear stories of  Judges and lawyers   having business relationships which are undeclared.

Yes New Zealand is a small country  but we do not believe that  a judge  who  owns a race horse with the lawyer of a party should  sit on  any matter    where by his business partner  is representing a  party.

This same  judge  also came to our notice   in an exchange  with a lady   though a dating site  where the judge discussed  viagra and  his reactions to it , He also  discussed this ladies former husband  and  his new partner, the new partner was  a party before   ” his  dishonour ‘  at that time.

We would welcome  any suggestions as to   holding this  judge accountable  .

Sensible sentencing has  just launched a new site

and  kiwis first has background on many High court judges  New Zealand Judge files

Domestic fraud  has  background on  family court judges  in the Auckland area

Please do you own home work on   your judge and  opposing counsel   lawyers and judges  do not stand  down  when there is a conflict of interest  they wait  for the issue to be raised.


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