Lay Litigants

law for dummiesLay Litigants, Pro’se   or Self litigants as the  family courts   calls them  are persons who represent themselves in  court    .

Our aim is to provide support for  Lay litigants through  Litigation  support  .

Representing yourself is not for the  faint hearted but frequently   you have no  alternative as  the only options you have is to

  1. Mortgage you house and pay a lawyer
  2. Give in to the demands that brought you into court.

It is also recommend that you read the following Civil proceedings in New Zealand Courts

we will be expanding this site to provide  more information and support for  lay  litigants  if you need assistance please contact us through our contact page



the Family court  web site has   some   resources available  but  we have found that   what you read and what you are assured of   does not  happen in practice   so be alert and  learn  the dirty tactics which lawyers deploy

Family Court: Guidelines for Judges and Staff for Dealing with Unrepresented Litigants

Litigants in Person: Guidelines for Procedures in the Family Court


Application to Appoint Lay Assistant (PDF, 7Kb)

Undertakings by Proposed Lay Assistant (PDF, 8Kb)

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