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Dogs New Zealand Limited is the only legal entity with that name in New Zealand

Dogs New Zealand exists as a legal entity, a legal person and we have incorporated under the companies act to prove that others using this name are doing so in a precarious manner

The New Zealand Kennel club incorporated is an incorporated society formed in 1932 and deals with the registration of pedigree dogs you can find its constitution here and the Audited Financials for 2021 Year Book.pdf at the second link

The year book provides some background to the organisation and at least acknowledges the trading name adopted by the kennel club but in contrast the constitution is silent about any authorised trading name .

The only legal rules for any organisation are those registered on the companies web site . We could not have registered the name Dogs New Zealand if an entity with an identical name existed . proof of their lack of existence is our successful incorporation.

Trading names

A trading name is a name other than the legal name generally it is a name by which customers know the organisation .In this case the kennel club has registered the trading name at IPONZ.govt.nz to prevent any one else trading in the categories in which the trade mark has been listed. Usually the trade mark has a encircled “r” behind it to differentiate the trademark from a legal name .

Its a bit like the guy up the road real name Trevor Jones but known to everyone as Curly . If you were to contract to or enter into a legal agreement with Curly you would do so in his real name and only legal persons and real identities can enter into contracts.

It is therefore essential that every time the NZ Kennel club uses the name Dogs New Zealand that they specify that this is a trading name, failure to do so opens up legal complications and potential deception .

You may well ask what legal complications ? well for a kick off the kennel club now appear to have no members they are getting people to sign up as members of Dogs New Zealand, this is probably because the Kennel club is unique in not providing its members with a right to have a say over their organisation .

Members however can get together call a meeting and change all of this and put themselves back in control . see the incorporated societies act .

To add to the confusion the fictional Dogs New Zealand advertise themselves as being ” formerly the New Zealand Kennel Club” which is a deceptive practice as the Kennel clubs still exist as can be seen by the registration with the incorporated society register

The deception goes deeper than this people joining Dogs New Zealand get a membership card that registers their membership but makes no mention of the Kennel club , they have effectively become a member of something which exists in name only and has no legal ability to enter into any agreements , accept money or keep a register . this from their web site …


“Dogs New Zealand”offers membership https://www.dogsnz.org.nz/dogsnz/join-online but as stated above it cannot accept money from you or give you a membership you can only join legal entities e.g. the kennel club but that membership is not being offered and you therefore have no voting rights .

It is very concerning that on the page https://www.dogsnz.org.nz/dogs/buying-a-dog warns you about unofficial organisations when Dogs New Zealand posting that does not exist .

Dogs New Zealand only exist as the limited liability company which is posting this blog and we do not have members and do not accept memberships or ask for funds

Why is this going on?

There has long been a struggle with incorporated societies, the issue is they are run by their members and should always be under the control of their members. The members vote the leadership team into office each member gets a vote and if a person wishes to remain in power they need to ensure that they have bums on seats on voting night or they will be out on their ear.

This insecurity is unwelcome to these who like the power and control so they ensure that the incorporated society in this case the Kennel club has no members other than the desire few who have the reins and therefore total control .

It appears that the deception deployed through use of a fictional organisation is to disempower any members who may realise that they can oust the current executive .

” members” are duped into thinking that they are members of a legitimate organisation but if you are a member of Dogs New zealand you cannot have voting rights as Dogs New zealand does not exist as an incorporated society or anything else other than a trade mark supported by domain names and web sites .

Some very good advice from those sites …”check that they are telling the truth ask for papers “.

If you are a member of Dogs New Zealand and have not been to an AGM then something is very wrong all members get to go to an incorporated societies AGM .

What can you do

I will be sending this blog to the Kennel club and the contact address for the fictional Dogs New Zealand . If they do not tidy their act up within a week then it is proof that the deception is deliberate .

From 20 April on if the web site is still claiming that this is formerly the kennel club and asking people to join Dogs New Zealand then you can make a complaint to either the police for obtaining funds by false pretences or the commerce commision for breach of fair trade,

We are the only legitimate entity called Dogs New Zealand and we do not register dogs nor do we take members

What traps should you look out for? a quote from Buying a dog

paying funds to a organisation which does not exist.

Being a member of an incorporated society which does not allow you your members rights

False claims as to legal existence

False claims that this is a legitimate register

We are concerned with the legitimacy of the dog registration in New Zealand if it is done through a fictional organisation and the members of the incorporated society have no rights to their own society then there can be no legitimacy of the incorporated society or its register or its code of conduct

Implications of the Code of conduct

Penalties have been imposed on persons, these penalties have not been set down by the kennel club and are therefore unlawful and should be challenged