Parking Enforcement Services

 Civil Justice   will now be known as  Parking enforcement services , the name change has been registered with the companies office    our trading name will however remain  as civil justice

There is  a very good reason for this  as we wish to draw attention to the fact that  every day   possibly hundreds of people are   being made to pay  fines by coercion  through  fear due  threats of wheel clamping and extra penalties if they do not pay the demand. Civil Justice has decided to do something about  this

If you have had a  Parking breach notice from parking enforcement services  then you need to  k read our posts and above all DO NOT PART WITH ANY MORE $$$$$$   they have  absolutely no right   to your money .

There was once a company  called Parking Enforcement Services Limited     it existed between  13 July 2009   until 28 February 2014 when it changed its name to WILSON SECURITY NEW ZEALAND LIMITED  company number  1017779

Since then it appears that PARKING ENFORCEMENT SERVICES has become a division of Wilson Parking New Zealand limited  company number 487351.

This means that  there  is actually no legal person named Parking Enforcement Services  and   you actually have no idea  who  this is until you   get   a little  strip of paper which looks very much like a council parking ticket .

Everything  about this ticket makes you  think that you have  had an official parking fine  but this is not the case.

Unlike council parking fines which are backed by council by laws  these   tickets rely on   contract law  and that is where   it all comes unstuck .

If you have had a ticket  from  parking enforcement services   please contact us and we will provide you with  a step  by step what to do next.

I the mean time  you may wish to read various  associated news articles   You may note that  in some of the   articles  there are  officials who state that the fine is legaly binding, but circumstances changed  from  28 February 2014  when Parking enforcement services ceased to be a legal person .  More soon

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