What is Civil Justice ?

neutralityGoogle Civil Justice  and you will find your self on the Civil Justice in the district court web site , it is a good place to start  .

The web site  simplified the definition of Civil law to be ” Civil justice relates to disputes between individuals or organisations. Generally, civil cases are not about breaking a criminal law. For example, they could include disputes over business contracts or debts, or disputes between neighbours.”

On the other hand Civil Justice in our definition is anything which is before the courts and is not of a criminal  nature.

Criminal cases in New Zealand are prefixed CRN  so anything before the court in a disputes or any other  tribunal, Family court , insolvency court District court and and High  Court which is not  prefixed CRN   is the  law that we concern ourselves with.

There is a gross disparity between   civil law and criminal law  and  this  has to do  with rights , Criminals  have rights which  those  who appear  before the civil courts  do not  have .

On the justice web site about Civil Law  there is a short list of differences between   civil and criminal law

This list  does not reflect the reality  which is experienced  by the victims of the  civil court. I say victims  because  the civil court in New Zealand is frequently  used as an abuse of process .  It is used to obtain assets  which if they were to be obtained through any other means would be considered a criminal act . Civil law is  used to pervert the course of justice  , we have a very good case study to show  that  if   you commit a criminal offence you can actually get away with it  by attacking   some one through the civil jurisdiction.. it will cause  every   enforcement agency to back off  and you  can get away with  your crime and on to p of it be well rewarded  for your efforts, but more ont hat later.

Listen to any one  who has been on the other  end of civil proceedings, you may well say sour  grapes.. but  in each and every case the issue is the same.  the lack of truth, the lack of evidence  and   the ability of money to buy  what it wants.

Lawyers are around  $300-500 per hour the average person does not have that sum to spare per month. There are many lawyers who are simply cowboys and do not  represent your best interest  and then there is the  issue of lack of truth.

Civil Justice  has been set up  to implement change  to bring  the victims of  the  civil  law together  for support  and help predict what the next dirty tactic ill be  so that it can be preempted and the effect minimized.

It is about the right to justice , justice which  the current adversarial system  cannot  achieve , justice which  an inquisitorial system  supports.

It is about lobbying   to get   rights at least the same as criminals enjoy   and  above all to ensure that those who commit perjury, no matter who they are prosecuted.

Not one of us can do this on our own. Civil Justice  is to be the vehicle  which   will bring the cogs together,  Will  you  come on board and assist, we all have our part to play  and your  role is waiting for you.

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