Parking Enforcement Services

For several years  we have run this web site  to  update people on the international scam that has been operating  in a car park near you .

We have provided  this service free of charge  and we have tried to be helpful we have asked for nothing in return  but it appears that there is no cure for  stupidity and ignorance.

We have of late been inundated with phone calls  from people who cannot read   to make it easy    please  refer to  the points below  and do not ring us , if you have paid a fine   we  have not received it  it is not us Read Parking Enforcement Services

to do

  1. remove  the ownership details from the car registry
  2. read.Parking Enforcement Services FAQ
  3. READ Your Parking Enforcement Service Ticket- what to do
  4. Read Parking Enforcement Services
  5. Not Pay the  ticket
  6. do not admit to anything
  7. Do  not ring us 
  8. send  letter .. yes you can email it  the clue is in  2 and 3 above
  9. If you are grateful for this information  make a donation

Sample letter

Dear Parking Enforcement Services.

You do not exist

You have not entered into a contract with  me

I have no legal obligation to you  and you cannot make a demand for  money from me

I deny your claim

If you insist that there is a claim please provide  all evidence in a sworn affidavit  including

  1. your contract with the owner of the property involved.
  2. the  full affidavit  of the person issuing the ticket giving the circumstances  etc of your claim  including time date place  and   photographic evidence

I the owner of the vehicle have no legal  obligation to tell you who the driver was , but   when you provide full evidence of any  rightful contract with  the driver  I will asses the  situation.

Until these  details are provided I dispute  your claim .

Your name here

now  watch this    its too true

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