Parking enforcement services what you have to know and READ

This week we received yet another disputes tribunal  application  from some one  disputing their parking ticket

The ticket they received was deceptive , it used the name Parking enforcement services, this is not the   legal name of the  company issuing the ticket, it is however our legal name  and we do not  issue tickets .

The name is relevant as only legal persons  can enter into contracts,  its a bit like entering into a contract with a cat or a bike.. you simply cant do it

Both sides have obligations to a contract and if you cannot identify who the other party is then   no contract can exist

We have complained to the commerce commission several time and have been fobbed off and its back to business s usual with millions going off shore in so called penalties  at time even for parking on property  which could not possibly have a contract to a third party for parking.

The company which runs  the scam  parking enforcement services  is  Wilson parking new zealand limited  you can see their details here 

It has only one new zealand director, he is a professional director married to  the former councilor Victoria  Carter.Victoria Carter is involved in many  entities as shown on the companies register , she is also the first  female president of the northern club  so any complaint against her husband  will  probably be dealt with   behind  closed doors . her linked in profile is here  She is the daughter of journalists Valerie Davies and stepfather Pat Booth

Norman John CARTER
1/2 Renown Avenue, Greenlane, Auckland, 1051 , New Zealand

The company is entirely owned by a singaporean company  and an  ultimate  holding company  Genuine Result Limited in the  British Virgin Islands.

How much  Tax  Wison pays or even GST depends on  the fees that they pay  for  associated  franchises to their associated companies . the amount of GST paid is also Unknown .

But what is known is that vehicles  emblazoned with the name of our company  are passing themselves off as being legit ,

People who are registered by the private security licencing authority   are condoned in  executing this fraud.

The constitution of Wilson parking states   how it can enter into contracts  the constitution is found here 

the relevant section is   

Therefore Wilson parking can’t enter into a contract by erecting a bill board  and most certainly a contract  by a fictitious name cannot be enforced

we have lots of information on the site as to  dealing with the issue,  disputing your  claim  with  wilson only gets a response from a computer .  simply tell them repeatedly that you dispute it and you want them to prove it .. do not pay them  , report the scam to the police  and to the commerce commission   we need lots of voices to make this change

Please read the what to do  on 

there is also alternative advice on

Please don’t phone us  and please don’t waste your time and money  sending us disputes tribunal documents.

do write to  Norm Carter  include him as director  in any court action

also contact your local Mp .

Why is this corruption being condoned   why are millions of dollars being   stripped from New Zealanders ,Probably tax free and GST free and sent overseas.