Your Parking Enforcement Service Ticket- what to do


Ultimately prevention is the easiest option   go to     and   have the ownership details of your vehicle/s  removed

If you are a company  you cannot remove the  details  see Information on opting out.  Companies however cannot enter into a contract  except through their  directors  or according to  their constitution . Therefore a vehicle  belonging to a company cannot  enter into a contract for parking    and this is especially so   when  the other party  is an undefined trading name  as int eh case of Parking enforcement services.

If you have had a ticket 

  1. Immediately take  photographs of the signage in the  car park  and where your  car is parked
  2. Check to see who the alleged agreement for parking is  with  to do this  check the name of the ” organization” which alleges  that  there is a contract , this organization has to be   an identifiable  legal person . In this  case parking enforcement services is not a legal person   it does not disclose its identity on  the majority of signage that we have seen . It does identify itself as a division of  Wilson parking on the ticket  but that is too late  by that stage you  are being accused of being in breach of a contract which   is not a valid contract in the first place.
  3. If you have taken  the  prevention step above.   simply screw up your ticket and file it in the nearest bin
  4. If you have not taken the  step up above  or are a company   write in .. do not admit to being the driver    but simply  say that  you  wish to have evidence of the contract and how the vehicle breached it . tell the that once you have those details you will look into the matter
  5. You will probably get  several replies to say  that  the ticket is valid  but each time  send in  an email to      the evidence that  they  send you will never include  a start time of parking nor will it have  a contract with the  property owner  .   dispute that there is a breach of contract   and  you can also  charge them   for   your administration costs.   do this when thy first fail to provide evidence  tell them that  failing to provide conclusive evidence of a contract  and persisting  with the  claim will incur an administration fee of ….     they will accept these terms and condition  by responding and failing to provide full and conclusive evidence
  6. You can also ask for a full affidavit of the alleged security officer who issued the ticket .
  7. when they finally send it to  debt recovery  advise the debt collection firm that the contract is disputed    the claim will then disappear ,

To check  what details they have on you

go to

enter the breach number and the car rego number

They show a signature of the so called security officer   and a number   the number is not the    registration number of  the security  guard  .

save this page as Pdf or if you don’t  know how to   do that   do screen shots ( control print screen )  or use the  snipping tool ( windows) or equivalent in  apple .  Save these to your   hard drive for  further reference.

About Parking enforcement services Limited

Parking enforcement services Limited  registered on the companies web site  is not  the legal person  who    has signage up on many car parks.  We do not issue  tickets or ask for payment .

We do not consent to any one using our name .


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